September 14, 2004

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for Mark Stenersen. I've known Mark since he began attending Washington State University in the fall 1999 semester. As his academic advisor, I offered guidance and answered his questions regarding his career at WSU, and during the course of these interactions I got to know him pretty well.

Mark is a very talented individual on two fronts—as a programmer and as an artist. I think that it's rare to find such a high degree of excellence in both of these areas in one person. The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree that Mark earned is made for students who want programming and software design skills and also have a strong interest in an area outside of computer science. In combining the degree with a fine arts minor, Mark has admirably demonstrated his abilities and gained expertise in these diverse areas.

Mark is hardworking and tenacious, well-spoken and engaging, and I can't imagine that he would not succeed in any endeavor he chooses to pursue. He has traveled extensively and his life experience is very diverse. With the broad perspectives gained from his travels, his skills as a programmer and his artistic talent, he will make an excellent addition to any organization fortunate enough to hire him. I would highly recommend him to any prospective employer. I have the very highest regard for Mark, and I know he will succeed in whatever path he chooses.


Patricia Arnold

Computer Science Academic Coordinator
Washington State University